Social Media Tips for Resorts and Hotels

website strategy for hotel marketing
Website Strategy for Resorts
June 30, 2016
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Social Media Tips for Resorts and Hotels

Hotel social media marketing and resorts

Three Ways That Hotel Social Media Marketing With Pictures Can Help Your Hotel/Resort

For the many weary traveler most prefer to just find the nearest hotel, rent out a vacant room and fall into bed so they can rest their tired eyes after a long day of traveling. Others will take the time to plan out where they are going to stay, spending hours on the internet scouring for deals that will provide them the very best of hotel amenities. Then there are those that want to find those hot sales within minutes otherwise they don’t buy and go somewhere else to have their needs met. You would think that hotels/resorts would not need to do any marketing and just be sure to make sure they build a location off of every freeway exit nationwide because eventually that is how they are going to fill their rooms because someone somewhere travels especially during the summer. If this is your thought process I would think again. Marketing for hotels, is a topic that needs to be approached with careful consideration and precise planning. Let me give you three big reasons how resort advertising can grow your business.

Reach New and Loyal Customers

Digital Marketing for Hotels has become multi- faceted making it easier to reach new and loyal customers. Using the right targeting methods along with proper engagement of potential customers your hotel social media marketing efforts will bring in new and loyal customers. Now I want you to focus on the word loyal. Loyal customers, who have full faith that you will take care of them will refer their family and friends who will then refer their family and friends who will then refer their family and friends. Do you see where I am going with this? The domino effect is a beautiful strategy.

Fill Up Those Rooms

The ultimate goal for your hotel social media marketing plan is to create a way to peak enough interest with your customers and build enough commitment so that every room at your hotel or resort will be filled up every single night for 365 nights a year. Typically each stay may last 2-3 days, allowing your new customers to check in and check out keeping customers coming and going and sales increasing.

Providing the Best of the Best

Your customers expect the best of the best when they come to your resort or hotel. The way to provide them with that is to make sure that your sales are above where they should be. When you are filling up those rooms and bringing in new and loyal customers your sales will skyrocket and you can continue to improve your hotels and resorts amenities giving your customers the best of the best and seeing that your hotel and resort thrives every day of the year.